UBB – How we work

How We Work

We help inmates solve their problems through down-to-earth advice & the power of faith and prayer.

• Each service or program we hold is geared to help inmates know God and develop a faith that moves mountains.

• They are encouraged to come sincerely to God to open up their heart and develop a relationship with Him.

• They are also taught how to fight back against the negativity that they feel is blocking them in any way through the power of faith.


Assisting Inmate’s Families


UBB – Assisting Inmate's Families

Inmates’ families are a neglected part of society, whose needs are largely overlooked. They haven’t committed any crime themselves, but it can seem as if they are being punished as much or more than the relative who is doing time.

Life can be particularly difficult for families with young children and where family members are affected by disabilities or include very elderly parents. Many partners and close relatives struggle to prevent families from falling apart altogether.

UBB aims to help inmates’ families cope with both immediate and longer-term issues through advice and support.

• We set prayer stations at the entrance of jails and prisons during visitation hours.

• We offer prayers, literature, and snacks to distressed visitors.

• We follow them up and encourage them to develop their faith to tackle their struggles.

• We offer support programs at various locations throughout Texas and USA.


Staff Appreciation


UBB – Staff appreciation

We know that correctional staff and officers deal with high-stress levels and face many challenges as they perform their duties.

Our goal is to help them better handle stress and find the emotional balance needed to perform well at work. Find below pictures of events, meetings, and appreciation meals offered to the staff.