Most people do not see a significant change in their lives because they wait for things to improve or are afraid to take the necessary action to improve things. In both options, they do nothing. They are idle in the face of the situation. Don’t be idle before the problems. Take action!

Pay close attention!

Life will only change when you change your actions and do something different. More of the same will only bring the same result. However, these two actions – the action of waiting for things to improve or the action of being afraid (you know what to do, but you are scared to do it or too lazy to do it) – are the most common attitudes of human beings. As we are naturally creatures of habit, we tend to do the same things every day, don’t we? Because you got into a routine.

The Ferris Wheel

You have entered a Ferris wheel, and the wheel is turning, and you are there. At the same time, you are at the wheel complaining about it. From time to time, things improve because, at the wheel, whoever is down there today will be up there in a little while. Tomorrow, they will have a better view. You are back at the bottom of the wheel in a little while and complain. It’s always the same thing. But you’re the one on the Ferris wheel. It was you who entered the wheel. You do the same things over and over.

You’re hoping that, for some random reason, your life will get better. Or that God will do something for you, and things will get better.

Word of God

In Philippians, chapter 2, verse 13, it says that God is the one who works both to will and to do, according to His good pleasure. See that God does not do things for us. He does things for us, through us, but God doesn’t force anyone.

He puts the drive, faith and availability in us. Oftentimes God operates on an intuition, which is “to will.” You have the urge to do something different. But at the same time, God’s drive comes, and so does human doubt. Then fear and laziness come.

When God puts the will, He also puts the “to do.” In other words, the power to put that will into practice. The problem is that we want things ready and done in our hands. We want a God who will come as a man with a red cape and rescue us in times of danger.

That’s what we want: a superhero God and God is not a superhero. God is a Father, a friend, a guide, a companion etc.

God gives strategy and faith to act. But He doesn’t work for us; He works in us. So, if you are in this idleness of waiting for things to get better or afraid to take the necessary action to change, wake up now!

God is putting in you to will (desire) and to do according to His good pleasure. What are you going to do with it now with this information?


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