You have undoubtedly been in this situation. You will look weak if you run, but if you stay, you will have to fight. How are you supposed to be true to your faith in prison? Especially when you are surrounded by a thousand reasons to do wrong daily.

Before you, there are horrible options. Then the feeling of helplessness strikes, and you begin to think, ” I don’t know what to do.” The thought is usually followed by a wrong decision taken and boom! You are right back at square one, instantly feeling bad for doing wrong. You blame yourself for not being “strong” enough to resist, and your faith has weakened. Sadly now you are too ashamed to approach God.

The “I don’t know what to do” feeling is a divine reminder that we are only human. Heaven invites us to look up, and that’s precisely what a man named Jehoshaphat did.

This Event Is Marked in History!

The year was approximately 860 B.C., and Jehoshaphat was king of Judah. Various powerful nations united against him, and Jehoshaphat needed somewhere to run. This problem wouldn’t just affect him but devastate the entire country. What did he do?

“O our God, will You not render judgment on them? For we have not strength enough to stand before this great army that is coming against us. And we do not know what we should do, but our eyes are on You.” (2 Chronicles 20:12)

The Bible verse above is the secret for those who are in trouble and wonder what to do. We encourage you to read the remaining story of Jehoshaphat after his humble confession to God. You can find it in the Bible, 2 Chronicles chapter 20.

You haven’t looked to God. When you look to Him, what do you see? Physically nothing, but through the eyes of faith, you see someone that is a million times stronger than your problem. You see light, hope, and the word of someone who doesn’t lie. So you recognize that you don’t have the strength but trust that He will deliver you from that situation. You don’t know how, but you know He knows. So you believe, you trust, and you move forward.

If you need help with what to do about your situation. Think and ask yourself, where have I been looking? When you fix your eyes on the One who can help you, you can overcome all obstacles.

That is something to remember before jumping into a fight, acting out, cursing at authority, or even dealing with family problems.
Allow Him to do the heavy lifting for you.


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