On Tuesday, Jan 9th, the UBB witnessed the women from Lane Murray Unit Graduate. Seven women participated in the Overcoming Anger Course, which lasted five months. What could have been smoother sailing was that it took a lot of self-denial and dedication to push through those five months. 

They were rewarded for their hard work by receiving a nice meal that was prepared for them, along with a certificate of course completion. It was a day to celebrate them and for them to know they are more than overcomers. The word of faith they received was to remain to invest in their relationship

with God. Many participated in the 21-day Fast of Daniel. The graduates saw their relationship with God go to a different level. They realize they couldn’t do it on their own, and they need God to overcome their anger.

They learned that their anger has a root, and once they get to the root, it will not grow back, and they will be able to overcome it. This course helped them because not only are they medium custody, and they don’t get to come out often, but they also had a lot of 24-hour lockdowns that would affect their ability to join us. Many have stated that their behavior has changed in how they reacted to certain situations. Things that used to get under their skin no longer bothered them. They learned how to manage their anger positively. 

One of the ladies stated that the Overcoming Anger Course was the first thing she completed, and she was quite proud of herself.


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