On Thursday, February 22nd, at 4 PM, the UBB visited the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas. Crain unit is an all-women prison that houses over 1,500 inmates.

The afternoon was filled with fun activities such as games and dancing, counseling, prayer, and an exceptional service where inmates received an encouraging word of faith. They also received the opportunity to participate in The Lord’s Supper for the first time in their unit.

As the UBB approached the gymnasium, they were immediately welcomed by the warm smiles and singing of the inmates of the UBB anthem. The inmates were very excited and overwhelmed by the visit.

The afternoon began with one-on-one counseling Bishop Joshua, Pastors, and Volunteers provided to encourage and answer inmates’ doubts and questions regarding faith and overcoming personal challenges.

After Counseling:

Pastor David, the youth Coordinator of the state of New York, directed the activities for the inmates with the help of some of the youth volunteers. They played games, sang, and danced. The games allowed the inmates to have a moment of fun and enjoyment. It was a refresher for many from the very tense, heavy, and isolated environment prison can be.

After the activities, the youths performed a play about life choices and overcoming negative influences and temptations for the inmates. Many of the prisoners could relate to the play and were touched by it.

After the play, Bishop Joshua led the service for the inmates. The day’s message was about the resurrection and how to find life. Some have life in prison, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have life, as there are many people who, although alive, live a dead life and are dead spiritually; they live as zombies without life. They find themselves in prison not just physically but spiritually. Still, God holds the key to set them free and give them life even behind bars.

Bishop Joshua then called those battling negative thoughts and spiritual problems to come forward to receive prayer for their deliverance. After the prayer, many felt light. They then had the opportunity to participate in the Holy Communion and make a covenant with God.

After the communion and seeking the Holy Spirit, the UBB sang and danced with the inmates.  They were like children who gave value to what many don’t give value to in the church. “It was awesome!” a report from one of the youth volunteers.

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