“I love you” is the most sought-after and one of the most challenging things you can hear while in prison. Which is why many fall for the prison love bug.

Let’s Set The Scene:

You’ve been incarcerated for some years, and things look bad. Every day is more of the same. There is screaming, fighting, injustice, depression, and survival. There’s little to look forward to or even be happy about. So, when anyone takes an interest in you and tells you “I love you.” All logic and sense go out the window, and those words become your driving force for life.

Suddenly you are catching cases because of that illegal relationship or even taking up cases on behalf of your loved one! They get into an altercation, and you are right there, risking your privileges and freedom to defend your loved one.

You’ve spent so long staying out of trouble to avoid G5, but now that you have love, G5 is no problem. You will happily sit there if it means being closer to that person. Really? Are you really going to give your life to someone just because they said they love you? Yet they didn’t prove their love? They haven’t done much for you, but those words were enough for you to lose focus on your own life. You are trying to have something that you are missing or have never had.

Let’s Be Honest

Let’s look at the facts. How many wait for you as they promised? How many go back to the husband or wife they had on the outside and unapologetically state that they were just “gay for the stay?”

They left, and you are still maxing out in G5. There are many cases to answer for and no love to help you through it! Even the promise of putting money on your books, did they keep that promise?

Nobody can blame you for catching the prison love bug. In a place surrounded by negativity, falling for the “I love you” speech can seem like an easier way to do time. Yet, for those of you who are thinking long-term. You who want to do better and be better, is this truly the way?

Will somebody who loves you make you risk it all just for a brief encounter? Those focused on a new life, will you allow heartbreak (because your heart will be broken) to trash all your hard work?

So, what’s the cure for this prison love bug? What do you do if you’ve already been bitten? Don’t follow your heart, and allow your mind to guide you.

That little, quick, and faint voice of reason that you have pushed to the back of your mind is the one you should listen to. Yes, it does mean no more short-lived pleasures, but it’s the sacrifice for those looking for long-term happiness.


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