UBB Testimonies of Faith!My name is Hailey, and if it weren’t for my best friend, I would’ve never started watching the UBB. We had both been in G4 in Plain State, and I used her tablet to message Bishop Bira Joshua, and he replied. So, Bishop Bira Joshua added my best friend and me to the E-messaging list.

After that, I prayed with the Bishop on Pando to pull the chain (to be transferred). The following day, I was assigned to one unit, and my best friend was transferred to another. I decided to pray for her and prayed with Bishop Bira Joshua on Pando. Not even a week later, she was transferred to the same unit as me.

UBB Testimonies of Faith!While in seg, my friend Hailey let me use her tablet to watch Pando. My friend and I started praying with Bishop Bira Joshua and became prayer partners. Watching and praying with Bishop Bira Joshua on the Pando App has helped me release anxiety; I have been able to trust God’s process and plan, and I have more faith.

My friend and I are also helping each other grow spiritually, ensuring we are spiritually full and not hungry in our faith. Now I am down with UBB!


Results of Faith

UBB Testimonies of Faith!An inmate stated that she had PTSD. While scrolling on her tablet one night, she saw the Podcast about PTSD. She said, “After watching the testimonies, praying, and hearing the word of God, I am healed from PTSD, as well as my son. We had both suffered in the past, and some of the difficulties with PTSD are insomnia, nightmares, night tremors, and anxiety; it branches out into many things.

I am thankful for the UBB. We need it, and I appreciate the servitude. But being free from PTSD is fantastic. My hands no longer shake; I couldn’t even hold my fork to eat because of the shaking. I sleep great, and things are more apparent now for me.


Melissa’s Testimony: Transformation

UBB Testimonies of Faith!I was always in G5 and G4, Lane Murray, Riverside, Crain, and Mount View, but always in G5. I always used to allow my feelings to get the best of me because of toxic relationships and fights, both physically and verbally. The worst fight was when I beat someone else with a hotpot, and the family was angry and wanted free charges to be stacked on me.

The last time I was in G5 was 2021. Pushing to live with peace, love, and joy, I thank God I can find the beautiful person God called me to be.


Joseph’s Testimony of Forgiveness

UBB Testimonies of Faith!I struggled with a grudge I had kept for over 19 years against my brother-in-law. My sister was brutally taken away from me and my family, which occurred in front of her children around the age of three or four. I was in Junior high school then, and they told me to see the principal.

I was the first one to be notified of the news, but I couldn’t believe it at the time. All these feelings started to overwhelm me with resentment, anger, and hatred. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it.

A part of this course spoke about forgiveness, and all these emotions came to me. e thought came, “Hey, you need to forgive somebody.” Still, I did not know who at the time; one day after class, I spoke to the bishop about what happened, and he told me to pray about it; for a week, I kept praying about it. To see if I could find some peace in my heart, I prayed last night, and I heard myself saying, “Bernard, I forgive you. I can’t forget what you have done, but I forgive you to my brother-in-law.” It was an emotional roller coaster; it hit me like many bricks. I couldn’t fathom that I just forgave this man for killing my sister, I forgave this dude for traumatizing my niece and nephew, and I said to myself the next day, “I forgive you.” I felt a lot of weight coming from my chest, which was peaceful. If I were to see my brother-in-law now, I would hug him.


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